Lead Generation

The problem with most newbie marketers is that they give up too soon, after spending a few hundred bucks on marketing at most. It’s a game of persistence and continuous split testing. Scale the winners and kill the bad ads.

Sending poor quality traffic won’t do the trick either. Having ‘freebie seeker’ subscribers won’t work as they’re always looking for freebies and are less likely to convert to customers. With that said, here are a few ways on how to drive traffic to your affiliate marketing offers –

1. Send out an ad to somebody else’s mailing list.
These are called email ads or solo ads. The owner of the email list will send out a promotional ad to their subscribers promoting your offer. The subscribers will typically reach your capture page after the click so you’ll have a chance to get the visitor to become your subscriber and hence get them to join your list.

2. Banner ads
With banner ads, you’d pay a website owner so they’d rent out an ad space on their website to you where you can place your ad. You’d either pay them monthly or yearly and sometimes one-time. Try to get permanent ad placement so you can just ‘set and forget’ it.

3. Run PPC
Facebook ads are a great way to drive traffic to your landing page. They charge you on a ‘pay per click’ basis. Be sure to have a decent funnel because Facebook isn’t a fan of IM niche in general. Send the traffic to a capture page, not to offers directly.

4. Advertise on forums
Warriorforum is the biggest internet marketing forums, visit it and click on advertise. You can have a banner ad with them.

5. Promote to your email list
This one is obvious, isn’t it? 😉

There are many ways of generating traffic. Just make sure you’re getting your ad in front of your target audience and you’ll do well.