Clickfunnels is one of the best page builders today in 2018 but people often wonder if it’s a scam. Rest assured, it’s not. It’s a good software suite which every marketer would want to have in their arsenal. You can host your websites with them and totally ditch your web hosting accounts too. Not just that, they claim you can design high quality marketing funnels in no time with it. Just select a template, make some quick edit and your funnel is ready to go within minutes. It comes loaded with an array of pre-built funnels which you can simply plug and play and make minor edits as required. We really liked this sales funnel builder – they covered it in detail, the pros and cons, it’s amazing how they managed to do it from a neutral standpoint.

There are many cheaper clickfunnels alternatives available today but they hardly live up to the expectations. You simply get what you pay for. On top, you don’t really need to buy a clickfunnels subscription right away, they’re more than willing to let you test drive the tool for 14 days for free. That’s the best part, you can use it without any limitations and decide for yourself if it’s something you need.

The reason funnel building is so important is because people hardly buy products the first time they see it. You won’t buy a vehicle the first time you see it, would you? No one purchases a product the first time they see it, they find a product, get more educated on how it can help them and know if it fits their requirements. The list goes on, you get the idea. That’s exactly what a business needs. A marketing funnel in place so it does the heavy lifting for them by closing sales. It does the magic of turning a prospect into a paying customer.